What Is Pawan Agarwal Web Mention?

What Is Pawan Agarwal Web Mention?

Have you heard about Pawan Agarwal Web Mention method which helps him to drive millions of traffic?

And not only that he also implemented this technique with his fellow bloggers who had been interviewed.

But not many of the bloggers were implementing this technique because there’s not many of them were either skipped this effective method or don’t know about it.

So, in this article of The Viral Traffic, we will tell you all in detail about Pawan Agarwal Web Mention.

Let’s get started.

What Is Pawan Agarwal Web Mention?

Before knowing what is Pawan Agarwal Web Mention method let’s know about the person who was encouraging bloggers to use this method.

Who is Pawan Agarwal?

Pawan Agarwal is one of the famous bloggers or considered to be the father of blogging and he is an SEO expert who is having more than 7+ Years of experience in the blogging field and he had multiple Hindi and English blogs. And his one blog that is Deepawali.co.in is one of the top 10 Hindi blogs in India. And he’s having a youtube channel where he shares his vast knowledge with bloggers who were either starting or either intermediate in the blogging field.

Now, you get to know that the method which is coming from is a well know source so now let’s get deep dive into the method.

What is Pawan Agarwal Web Mention method?

Pawan Agarwal Web Mention states that if you had a group or audience or followers who were loyal to you and when you share some website URL to them vocally then they will search that website looking in google by direct typing the website URL this gives a signal to Google that people are looking for this website which increases the credibility of the website and increases the ranking as well as the traffic of your website.

But let me tell you if you had watched pavan Sir videos you will get to know that pavan sir is a huge fan of Rand Fishkin who is the founder of the company called MOZ had invited this method.

For example:

You had a youtube channel which is having 100k subscribers and if you talk about a website in your video and tell your audience to go to the website but didn’t provide the link anywhere this is called web mention.

And that’s what happens when people who come to Pawan Agarwal blog review series get the benefit of web mention and which increases their ranking and traffic to their website.

What are the benefits of Pawan Agarwal Web Mention method?

The benefits of the Pawan Agarwal Web Mention method were:

  • Increases Website Traffic
  • Get Social traffic (Which google can consider as viral topic or post whcih can also make it viral)
  • Increases authority of your website
  • Get inital boost to new website

But if you get to know the benefits then you should also know the cons of web mention method which is: If your website name is similar to any of the other websites in your niche then many of the visitors get confused and go to the other website which can make other website ranked.

Who will be benefited from this technique?

Mostly those bloggers or content writers or website owners will get benefited who were new to blogging this can speed up their ranking and rank their website as well as their articles in search engines and help them to earn money from their blogs or website.

Does the Pawan Agarwal Web Mention method works?

Yes, 100% because it was used by the MOZ founder to increase their website traffic and not only that if you watch any of the blog review series of the learn and earn with pavan Agrawal channel you will get to know that many beginners were achieving massive results from it.


If you use the Pawan Agarwal Web Mention method then you will be benefited from it but for that, you will require some amount of audience either do it for paid or free with people who were already having an audience.

And I have also implemented the method and it worked for me and it will also work for you also.

If you are using this method tell me in the comments that how much benefit you get from this method.

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