How To Increase Website DA In A Month?

How To Increase Website DA In A Month?

Are you also wanting to know that How To Increase DA WithHow To Increase Website DA In A Month?

Because you had heard from many big bloggers and SEO experts that increasing DA will take a long time.

But you want quick results within a month.

Then in this article, we will share with you [Top secret Method] How To Increase Website DA In A Month?

So, let’s get started.

How To Increase Website DA In A Month?

Before knowing the top-secret method which can increase your Domain authority within months.

You should know that why you want to increase the domain authority and what are the benefits of increasing domain authority.

Here are some of the benefits of Increasing DA or having a Higher DA website:

  • Higher Ranking
  • Immediate Indexing
  • Authority in Google
  • Huge Amount of traffic

Let me give you an example that you can better understand.

For example: Take News Website like which is having a Domain authority of 80 According to Aherfs data as you can see in the image below.

If you check the keywords they were ranking on many movie keywords which are having a huge amount of traffic at 2-3 position and their website is ranking just tags or having a small 50-100 words article were ranking in the top.

That’s how the DA will help you to get ranking.

But you should also know that DA isn’t a term that is given by Google it’s given by MOZ.

Now, you know that how Domain authority of your domain will benefits in getting traffic as well as in ranking.

Let’s dive in to the main question for which we were here How To Increase Website DA In A Month?

To increase domain authority we need backlinks from high authority domains but getting those high authority domain backlink isn’t that easy.

Because if we follow the traditional backlink creating strategy it will take years to increase the domain authority.

But don’t worry that there a shortcut for that through which you can increase the DA of your domain within a month.

Now, here are the step by step process through whcih you can do it:

Step 1: First Know that which niche you want to known for or in which niche you had written articles or which type of website you want to start or carry forward.

Step 2: Go to the and then search for your niche keywords.

Step 3: Then look for the domains which were relevant to your niche and have high amount of backlinks and domain authority.

By checking that domain in various tools like Aherfs backlink checkers, Semrush and many more.

For finding the best domain you should search many pages of expired domains website and make sure that you go for .com, .net, .info types of high level domain.

Also check that the domain isn’t acquired by some illegal activities or used earlier for good purposes then buy it.

Don’t just buy because it’s having millions of backlinks.

Step 4: After when you had find these type of domains purchase it from godaddy(Preferred) or any other domain name provider.

Step 5: Then after purchasing the domains make it permanent 301 redirect that domain in to your main domain .

But here the works doesn’t ends.

Step 6: Index or submit the domain in google search console and make sure that you request google to index it and then go to the settings options in google search console or web master.

And redirect the domain in to your main domain for which you want to increase the DA.

After 1-2 months you will see that google had started indexing all the links of the expired domain and started transferring the domain authority of the expired domain.

Now here the process ends but now you had a doubt that whether this method works or not.


This method was used by mostly movie website and some website who were expert.

For example: A website named this website had used the method of redirecting the expired domain to the main domain.

And that’s why they had good amount of backlinks and domain authority.

If you don’t know then let me tell you that whatsapp group link is a very competitive niche in which they were ranking in top search results of google and the domain were not so old it was started in 2020 and now the DR is 43.

How To Increase Website DA In A Month?

And most of the movie website which got shut down were redirect the previous domains to the new domain which increases the DA as well as the traffic got transferred in the new domain.

P.S: Now that you know this method let me know in the comment that in how many days or months you started getting the results?


These are the secret that most of the SEO expert or professionals do but they don’t tell you and make you revolve you around the basic rules.

But if you analyse other website and understand how they were working you will also get to knew many secrets.

And if you find it helpful and if you implemented these method and it worked then make sure you share it with other on your social media accounts.

So, this is all for How To Increase Website DA In A Month?

Make sure you Follow The Viral Traffic to know more Secrets.

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