How many blog comments per day for SEO?

How many blog comments per day for SEO?

In today’s article on The Viral Traffic, we will be talking about How many blog comments per day for SEO?

We all knew that creating backlinks increase our domain authority and which eventually lead us to a better ranking in search.

But not all big websites will give us backlinks for our new website so we need to make backlinks on our own.

Now, here the question comes that is How many blog comments per day for SEO?

So, in this article, we will tell you about How many blog comments per day for SEO and how to create these blog comments easily.

Let’s get started.

How many blog comments per day for SEO?

There’s no specific number or amount that making this many blog comments per day will boost your SEO because sometimes google index some comments and sometimes don’t so there is no specific number for it and not all blog comments will be approved by the blog owner. But if you make 10-20 blog comments which were having some authority can get you at least 2-3 backlinks which will help you to boost your SEO.

How to create backlinks through blog comments?

To create backlinks through blog comments follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to the website of Drop my link.

Drop my link
Drop My link

Step 2: Select comment backlinks with do-follow and then click on search.

Step 3: You will get many websites that allow you to make do follow comment backlinks.

Step 4: Do comment and embed your links which will give you to follow the link for your blogs.

Does comment on other blogs will help in SEO?

Yes, if your comment gets approved by the other blog owners and if the blogs were having some authority then your blog will get some benefit from it in SEO and ranking.

Why do blog commenting in SEO?

The reasons why blog commenting in SEO because initially, no one will give a new blog or website link so the easiest and effective way to get some links to your website is through comment backlinks and if you are doing 10-20 comments with your links in it then there are chances that 2-5 will get indexed which is beneficial to get your website ranking initially on low competition keywords.

Is commenting on other blogs really effective?

Yes, it is effective if you are doing it in the right way if you are just pasting links on other blogs thinking that they will approve your comment then it will not gonna happen but if you are doing or adding value in the comments of other blogs then there might be a chance that your comment will be approved.

And the reason why most bloggers do blog comments is because they wanted to create backlinks but initially we need to make backlinks because if no website is linking to you then there are chances that Google will also not index your blog easily.

That’s the reason why we need to build backlinks for our website.


So, this is all about How many blog comments per day for SEO?.

Tell me in the comments that are you using it or will use it for your SEO research?

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