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Drop My Link

We all knew that getting backlinks from an authoritative website can boost our rankings but the fact is that how can we get those authoritative backlinks for our website?

Because getting a backlink from a big website either requires money or it will take a huge amount of effort and time and there are no chances that you will surely get it.

But what if I tell you that Drop my link can help you to get backlinks from a good authoritative website which can help to boost your rankings on google.

So, in this article, we will tell you how you can get backlinks from drop my link and boost your website authority and traffic.

Let’s get started.

Drop My Link – Get Instant Do-Follow Backlinks For Free

Before getting to know that how to get instant do follow backlinks for free let us know something about drop my link and how it works.

What is Drop My Link?

Drop My Link

Drop My Link is a website that allows you to get do follow or no follow backlinks from various niche websites by putting your website link or specific keywords.

But before commenting or making a backlink to your website make sure that those websites are having some authority and were not spammy websites to put your website on.

Most of the websites were hosted on blogger or Blogspot domains.

How to get do-follow or no-follow backlinks for free from Drop My Link?

To get do follow or no follow backlinks for free follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to the official website of Drop my link which is: http://dropmylink.com/

Step 2: Then register with a free account with your email address.

Drop My Link

Step 3: Select the keyword or niche in which you want to get backlinks and select how many results you want to get and which type of domain extension you want to get the backlinks.

Select the category and the type of backlink you want to get (Do-follow or no-follow).

Step 4: Click on search and then you will get 10 results (Website) on google which you can get do-follow backlinks from.

Then start putting your website links on those websites and get the backlinks from good authoritative domains.

Comment Backlinks


This is how you will get the do-follow links from the drop my link and increase your website authority in google and get more traffic.

Tell me in the comments that how beneficial is for your website when you start using it.

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