What Is The Best Way To Learn Blogging?

What Is The Best Way To Learn Blogging?

If you are also wanted to start blogging and wanted a life of being your own boss then Blogging can give you that freedom.

But the problem here is that there is an overflow of information over the internet and you don’t know which one to follow and which to don’t. That’s the only reason why you were here finding out The Best Way To Learn Blogging?

So, in this article, we will let you go through [Practical Guide] about the Best Way To Learn Blogging?

Let’s get started.

What Is The Best Way To Learn Blogging?

Before diving deep into practical ways to learn blogging you should clearly know why you want to learn blogging?

Because most of the people who are willing to start blogging were only coming because they want to make money which is the outcome of the blogging but blogging isn’t just about money if you aren’t passionate about writing or don’t want to share knowledge just wanted to quick money then blogging isn’t a quick-rich scheme where you start today and will start earning tomorrow it can take 6 months – 2 years of time to earn a living.

So, if you aren’t passionate about blogging or you don’t have the patience then blogging isn’t the cup of tea for you.

Now, coming back to the main thing.

Here are the Best ways to learn Blogging:

Here are the 5 best ways to learn blogging
1. Following the right mentor
2. Youtube Videos
3. Reading Blogs
4. Courses
5. Self Learning and Experimentation

1. Following the Right Mentor

Why I have included this way is because we don’t know initially what are the right steps to follow in order to get success in blogging.

But there are people who have already achieved a milestone in blogging and have good authority in the blogging niche.

So, instead of wasting your time figuring out what are the steps which the successful bloggers had followed and what are the things that have given them the results they got.

But here’s another problem which is finding the right mentor because when you go on either over the internet there are so-called gurus who were not successful in blogging but they were good at selling their courses.

So, you have to know who was genuine and who was not because finding a mentor is very much important because instead of just wasting 1-2 years learning about blogging learn from those mentors who had already done it in just 2-6 months.

2. Youtube Videos

Learning from Youtube videos is one of the best ways to learn blogging from scratch and many of us may be learning from youtube videos but most of us aren’t getting results following what the YouTubers were saying.

Because you are following those people who were only making videos to earn money from youtube and they were not successful in blogging.

Now, how can you find that who was genuine and who isn’t the simple way to find out is that if the person who are you following on youtube is just making videos about earning money then you should stop following them because they were earning money by making those type of video and you weren’t.

These are some youtube channels that you can follow:

  • Income School
  • Tech Ripon
  • Learn and earn with pavan agrawal

3. Reading Blogs

Reading popular blogs like search engine journals and others which were similar to them were providing question-based articles which were mainly focused on solving a query, not like other so-called SEO experts who were just promoting themself on youtube and other platforms by writing on high volume keywords.

Because blogging isn’t about just writing an article on a keyword it’s more about sharing knowledge and information or solving a problem.

So, if you are searching for some query about blogging and if those blogs were able to resolve your query then follow them and learn from their articles.

4. Courses

Courses are one of the best ways to reduce the hustle of learning blogging and become successful in it because they skip the researching and collecting information about blogging which will you spend initially to learn to blog.

I have myself purchased several courses on blogging but most of them were over promising and under-delivered and they had no or less value in their courses.

But I will highly recommend 2 courses which are the Income school blogging course (If you are a Foreigner) and SEO Mafia Pro (If you are an Indian).

These 2 courses I have found over the internet were genuine and their course is also genuine and they had really some secret sauce of blogging.

5. Self-learning & experimentation

The last and the most important aspects of blogging is self-learning and experimentation why because nobody can teach you blogging by handholding support.

No YouTuber or neither course will.

So, if you had learned all the basic aspects of blogging then you should go for self experimenting because what you will learn by experimenting you can’t able to learn that by others.

Analyse what will happen when you do this and that.

Find different types of blogs read their content, analyse the content of their blogs, how they write content, how they were doing SEO and many other things.

Go deep down in every minor thing then you will see that you will find the hidden gems behind successful blogs.


So, these are 5 practical best ways to learn blogging.

If you are following one of these ways let me know in the comment box which one are you following and did you find the right source to learn from.

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